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Marketing agency with over 500 million views

Advertising is broken

We have to watch ads, but 99% of them suck.


Brands pour millions of dollars into stuff no one wants to watch.


But if we have to watch ads anyway, they may as well not suck.


We make ads that don't look like ads



How do we do it?

We didn't go to film school. Or advertising school.


Which is just as well, because the stuff you learn in advertising school is what worked 20 years ago.

What worked 20 years ago is not what works today. I mean, it's the internet. What worked 2 years ago doesn't even work today.


Inc 30 under 30

We grew up on the internet.

Our founder Karen X made her first viral video by accident when she quit Microsoft with a song. Then she started making viral videos on purpose.

Brands started noticing. Now, we make viral videos for brands. Cause people deserve to look at ads that don't suck.


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