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Open Positions

Video Producer (Freelance)

What we're looking for


We’re small team and we get things done quickly.  We’re looking for someone with the same drive and passion.

As a freelance producer, you are expected to handle the production of our videos from end to end.

You should be able to:

  • Coordinate and maintain a fluid workflow between all project owners and crew - communication is key.

  • Tap into your extensive network of crew and actors to find the perfect fit for each production (SF bay area or LA network preferred)

  • Negotiate with vendors on our behalf to stay under production budget

  • Produce 2-3 videos simultaneously

  • Plan, organize, and execute on all production logistics without any hand-holding

  • Track and report production status on a continuous basis, anticipate any issues that may arise and implement adjustments as needed

  • Handle all location scouting, casting, etc or find the right person who can  


  • 2+ years of video production preferred

  • Keen ability to communicate concisely and work well with others

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Proven ability to meet all deadlines and drive results while producing 2-3 videos at a time

  • Worked with social media in some capacity or is an avid social media user (FB, IG, YouTube, etc)

How to Apply


  • Send your resume and references to

  • Choose one of the videos we produced and answer the following:

    • What’s the production budget you would have needed to execute this video?

    • How many pre-production days would you have needed?

  • Send your favorite 2-3 viral videos and tell us why you think each was successful

Copywriter (Freelance)

What we're looking for

Copy that sticks.

Someone who can take an idea or punchline and package it into a 3-5 word title that is engaging and catchy.

Someone who is a master of all forms and mediums, or feels confident in their ability of learning on the fly.

We focus primarily on social campaigns - that means you know how to write specifically for Facebook videos, or Instagram, or YouTube - and have a sense of the differences for each one.

With that said - if you’re from the ad world, or only write screenplays, or write children’s books - please apply!


  • 2-5 years of writing experience

  • Can quickly analyze copy and provide suggestions / feedback

  • Has a proven track record of prior work

How to Apply


  • Send your resume and references to

  • Choose one of the videos we produced and answer the following:

    • What is great about the current copy? What needs work?

  • Send your favorite 2-3 web videos and tell us why you think they were successful from a writing standpoint