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The TV spot that Apple aired on primetime 🏈

"Can you make a TV spot that shows off the new Beats by Dre headphones?"

This TV spot premiered on the Thanksgiving Day Football game. It kicked off Apple's global holiday campaign for the Beats by Dre Solo Selfie headphones and newly released iPhone. The concept was created by Butterbar founder Karen X through her viral video, Donut Selfie. The spot was produced by RSA Films.


The tiniest thing to air on the NBA playoffs 🏀

"Can you make a TV spot that gets people excited about home remodeling?"

Adweek calls it "incredibly satisfying". Our spot for SoFi premiered on the NBA Playoffs and got over 3.5 million views on social. We remodeled a tiny kitchen - complete with a tiny light-switch, a tiny set of tools, and individually stained and laid floorboards.

The video that created an Amazon #1 bestseller 📚

"Can you make a video that gets people to buy our stuff?"

Within 48 hours of this video going viral, the book Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls became an international Amazon #1 bestseller. 

The video Ugly Truth of Children's Books inspired a movement to get more female role models in children's books.


The video that turned something boring 😴 into something viral 🚀

"Can you make a video that gets people to refinance their student loans?"

SoFi asked us to make a video for their Medical School Loan product launch. Our video Med School in 2 minutes started a heated debate about the costs of med school, got everyone tagging their doctor friends, and resulted in significant conversions on the loan product.


The video that grew a Facebook page 10x 📈

"Can you grow our Facebook page? 

When we started working with Rebel Girls, their Facebook page had 30k followers. After posting two of our videos, they grew to 300k followers. This new army of followers has resulted in a long term increase in sales.

Cinderfella became a viral hit with over 50 million views, sparking a debate on gender stereotypes.


The video filmed by babies 🍼

"Can you make our Mother's Day spot?"

Our spot for Brawny was named one of the best Mother's Day Spots of the year by AdAge. It showed moms to the rescue, shot from the perspective of babies.

The spot was directed and produced by Butterbar, for agency Cutwater.

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